You were on the couch... I had fun.

It was a great weekend. A group of us played Friday Night Fun League (FNFL), down-under at Rosedale Disc Golf Park. Skins doubles.... I witnessed some incredible golf shots. A skip birdie and a chain-crashing, near hole in one. Then most of us went over to the Tavern for some drinks.

Saturday I worked a lame wedding in the Bottoms. It was only lame because I didn't make many tips, $9 total. I was first-off and in bed fairly early.... I was exhausted. Got texted a few times around 2:30am. It sucked because it wasn't a booty text. So I didn't reply. Damn.

Anyway.... Sunday was cool. We were supposed to go to our favorite new town, Atchison, to play disc golf. It didn't happen. Instead my neighbor invited my friend Burns and me out to the Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs. They were having an all day blues jam. We met her out there and had a blast. There were some really good musicians in the place.

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