Thai Place hits "The Big Time" and a star is born.

That's right folks Thai Place and our good friend Ted Liberda were featured on Food Network's show "Heat Seekers". Food Network contacted me about 8 months ago and asked if I knew about any places in KC that served spicy food.

Blam! The first and only thing I did was point them to Ted and the Thai Place in Westport. Teddy's smile, skill and amazing food did the rest. Congratulations Ted and Pam. We cut out Ted's segment from the show and posted it to youtube. Enjoy!

I could eat chilis with my cereal, boom, like a cup of coffee.

Here is the link to Ted's debut on national television.

Great People, Great Food

I first heard about this place when Charles Ferruzza mentioned it in his Pitch review. I tried it immediately and agree with Charles when he says this place is "off the chain".

I've mentioned this place in a previous post. I thought I should say more.

The first time I ate there I was greeted by a slight, cheerful guy named Spike. Before our appetizers even arrived Spike sat down at our table and started chatting it up. We found out quickly that Spike was the owner and he was passionate about his latest en devour, Pho Hoa.

His passion for food and people is genuine and refreshing. At 44, Spike is as enthusiastic and energetic as a teenager. He uses only the freshest ingredients and refuses to cut corners. This is evident in the taste and quality of his food.

The pho here is IMHO the best in town, the banh mi are "off the chain". Every menu item I have tasted has been fantastic! I can tell you how good the food is, or how cool Spike is all day, but you must experience Pho Hoa yourself.

I look forward to the addition of a new bar he has planned for the near future (pending a liquor license). He also has a "Pho Challenge" in the works which will put big eaters to the test.

"Like" Pho Hoa on facebook. Spike would appreciate it.