Mmmm... Bacon Club!

We have to start one of these in KC.

"That's where Nicholson found the leaves for her bacon dolmas. She blanched the leaves and pickled them for a week before stuffing them to bursting with brown rice and bacon. Savory and tart, they are served in a deep bath of rich olive oil and fresh lemon juice."


“Well, I’ve always thought that heaven is going to smell like frying bacon.”- J.C. Hutchins, author

Check out Six Degrees of Bacon. It's a cool blog for all things bacon.

TAYLOR HICKS: I’d say bacon. When I think of smelling bacon, I think of not having anything to do. It’s one of those smells where it’s like, “Heck yeah. I don’t have anything going on.

If you want to give someone the best gift ever....The Bacon of the Month Club!

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