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It seems AEG may have gotten KC in over its head. KC is now competing with Las Vegas for a franchise? I wonder who will win that fight? AEG is like the Don King of developers.

"If the Predators do not move, Kansas City’s best chance at an anchor tenant appears to be an NHL expansion franchise. AEG, which has invested $54 million in the Sprint Center, is also partnering with Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. with plans for a $400 million, 20,000-seat arena in Las Vegas with the hope of landing either an NHL or an NBA franchise.

Just as Del Biaggio, a minority investor in Nashville, could return to AEG’s fold as majority owner for a Kansas City club, movie/television producer Jerry Bruckheimer hopes to own a Las Vegas franchise.

AEG’s role in both cities prompts a couple of questions. Is Las Vegas a rival or an ally for Kansas City? And does AEG face a conflict of interest in pursuing franchises for two cities?"

Sprint Center still lacks anchor tenant.
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