If you don't know, well, you don't know.

I'm talking about the greatest sandwich on earth.... the Italian Beef sandwich. Born in Chicago, this big feller doesn't taste the same if prepared outside of the Windy City. I've tried dozens around Kansas City and other cities, none compare. There is always something not right about it. It's a simple sandwich but, it seems, nearly impossible to replicate outside Chicago. Bread, beef, giardineria and au jus. Sounds simple right? Call me in 1000 years when you've perfected it. Until then guess I'll go to Chicago or Venice Beach!! My favorite place to get one is Max's on Western.

That's right, Chicago's own "Mr. Beef" has setup shop on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Read all about it here.  I'll try one if I find myself around Venice Beach while I'm in L.A. next week.

Here are some awesome pictures of the best sandwich on earth! 

If you don't know, well, you don't know.


Philly Anyone?

Occasionally I have a true "hankering" for a good Philly Steak Sandwich. This "hankering" usually coincides with me watching "Rocky" or an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Recently, my Philly obsession was spurred by watching the Cardinals match up against the Phillies this week. Ummmm! Phillies.

Just one problem for a KC dweller... where to go for a good, juicy Philly at a reasonable price? I stumbled upon PhillyTime in the Briarcliff Village area of North KC and this fast food-esque joint provided my Philly fix. (Site wasn't working but it is supposed to be

Relatively economical with most Philly's coming in at $6.99, this place provides some good grub. As you stare out the window at the newly constructed "stores for the elite" in Briarcliff you won't exactly be transported to the take out line at "Geno's" (or "Pat's" if you like that joint better), but you will get a good, juicy, cheese dripping, mushroom stacked Philly.

Michelin Guide coming to Chicago

Here's the scoop.

I predict that Max's Italian Beef on the North side will receive the prestigious 3 stars.


"Everything's dying"

This will not get any better for a long, long time.

Gulf coast fisherman hauling in dead oysters... surprise!


Kitchen essentials

Someone on Epicurious poses the question "What are the real kitchen essentials?"

"For the purposes of this little intellectual challenge, let's assume the presence of a fully-stocked, standard spice rack, with all the greatest hits accounted for (salt, pepper, oregano, paprika, cumin, thyme, and so on). What 10 ingredients are essentials in your kitchen?"

For me, it would be:

1. Olive Oil
2. Lemons
3. Fresh garlic
4. Yellow Onion
5. Soy Sauce
6. Pasta
7. Hot Peppers
8. Rice
9. Canned Whole Tomatoes
10. Beef/Chicken Stock