The weekend was fun

Friday I went north to Cascone's to meet up with Burns and the folks. All the food was very good. I was surprised. The calamari appetizer was one of the best in the city. Burn's had the panko crusted orange roughy (not on the menu but can be ordered). Mom had the prime rib, Dean and I both had the shrimp and lobster amogio special.

After dinner Mom went home since she had to work early. Dean, Burns and I went over to a little dive bar named Shooters. I don't like going into bars north of the river, everyone has an attitude. This time they didn't. We had fun. We dropped Dean at his house and Burns and I went down to the Tower Tavern for more drinks. I walked out on my tab. I never do that. It caught up with me Sunday.

Saturday I wanted to make some soup. Cabbage-beef soup sounded good, but I know better then to plan a meal before going to the Sun Fresh in Westport. I was right.... the cabbage looked horrible. How do you have bad cabbage? Ask Sun Fresh. So I used kale instead. It turned out great. I would post the recipe if I had followed one.

Ground beef, chorizo, garlic, onion, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken stock, red pepper flakes, kale, corn and of course salt and pepper.

Sunday was game day at the Tavern..... (I know, I practically live there). Chiefs win.... Bears loose - there is no God.

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