Farewell to Denny and Paul?

It appears that both Denny Matthews and "The Split" could possibly jump ship on the Royals next season. Last season Matthews decided not to travel with the team on several road series. Leaving the task to Ryan LeFevre and Brian McRae. McRae I might add, did a horrible job broadcasting. I can only hope he is not back next season.

It won't be the same without these guys. I grew up listening to Denny describe Paul's pitching. His voice is familiar and comfortable to me. It reminds us that we are in our town, listening to our team.

"His voice has a pleasant timbre which suggests a cheerful occasion." His inflection varies naturally so it's neither falsely enthusiastic nor boring. "He has a dry, understated humor that drifts through much of his audience undetected. One cannot learn these things at a microphone; they are given." - Bill James

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