Columbia Critic Defends Colicchio & Sons Review

Go Jason go! I've always thought Tom Colicchio was an elitist dick.

"Yet, I smile at Tom Colicchio’s tweets, at his immature ravings, because they help me understand why Colicchio & Sons is such a horrendous restaurant. In effect, the bitter taste of Colicchio’s entitled, elitist attitude spills over into his food and infects the ethos of his restaurant. When I went to Colicchio & Sons, I felt like an outsider, isolated and denied access to the true possibilities of Colicchio’s skill."

Tee Hee.

The Edison LA

Wow this place looks totally sick. I'm definitely going to hit this place up while I'm in LA this summer. Be sure to check out the virtual tour.

"Eater Los Angeles gets word that the Edison, a popular cocktail lounge and restaurant located in a former power plant in downtown LA, has their sights set on New York City."

R&I's Top 100 Independent Restaurants 2010: The Rankings

Hot Damn. That's a lot of dough.

"The highest-grossing independent restaurants in the United States had combined food-and-beverage sales of $1.37 billion last year, significantly off from the previous year's aggregate of $1.52 billion."

Here is a list of the top 400 restaurant chains.

It's good

I feel I owe it to Smash Burger to review their new restaurant. After all they did buy lunch for me and a co-worker today.

It was a damn good burger! Go get one.

It's Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!

Look kids, it's the American Food Holidays Calender. August 3rd is "Grab Some Nuts" day!

So eat up! It's national something day! Here's an article, read it.


KC food section fail

Need a great Super Sunday recipe? Oh... wait... it's the end of March. Maybe the post will still be up next year.


Trendy enough already!

Everyone knows burgers are frickin delicious but enough is enough. We have Local Burger, Smash Burger, Chef Burger, Hamburger Mary's, Big Burger, Wolf Burgers, Grandstand Burgers, Five Guys Burgers, Blanc Burgers (try the $21 variety) and countless others popping up every week.

I hope the next food trend that sweeps the nation is a little more exciting like a Picadillo invasion or a Gyulai infestation.

Is grass fed better?

I don't go out of my way to buy whole, slow, free range, grass fed, hormone free or even local foods. Maybe I should, but I don't. I probably wouldn't have ever tried grass fed beef if it wasn't for a drinking buddy. A couple weeks ago we were throwing a few back and he offered up a few pounds of grass fed beef from his family farm. I thought it was fabulous. It had a super beefy taste and great texture. Try some if you can find it.

Here's an article that talks about it.


Let's put together a butcher party

I'm totally down with this.

""The first butcher party," Ryan Farr says, "was called 'Hop, Hop, Hop, Into the Burning Ring of Fire.' That was on Easter last year, and we did rabbits."
Farr is the star of San Francisco's 4505 Meats, "Home of Revival Butchery," and he is taking his gospel to the barroom. He is one of a handful of young practitioners across the country who are staging bacchanalian "butcher parties," where they bring whole carcasses -- from rabbits to steer -- to bars, hang them up, take them apart, and cook them while wide-eyed partyers wash down the resultant meaty snacks with cocktails and beer."


Yeah, it's a frickin ham bar

What a great idea!

""As I look at it," Youkilis says, "Hams are gems. They're unique and interesting and take a shitload of time to make."

Without a grain of salt

Insane bill would ban the use of salt in NY restaurants, and would impose a $1000 fine for each "use" of salt.

"...maybe chefs shouldn’t even bother cooking and we should just have microwaves at every table..."