Breakfast - Midtown Style


Breakfast has always been one of my least favorite times to partake in eating out.  I mean, if I want a hearty breakfast I'd rather whip up some eggs and bacon in my pajamas at home.  But there are a few main choices for Midtown folks to feed their breakfast desires.  I decided to try each of them and rate them on a simple scale.  One to five stars for Quality (Quality of the food itself), Service, Price (or more specifically what you get for what you have to pay), and general decor.  Decor is a sticky one because it isn't just a rating for how pretty the walls are.  It's a general vibe of the joint coupled with the general cleanliness of the environment as a whole. 

So let's check out the lineup:


Quality - 3
Service - 3
Price - 4
Decor - 2

Overall, Chubby's is a classic breakfast joint.  As far as greasy spoons go, this place serves some solid grub with a smile.  The service is no-nonsense and the place is generally clean as long as the previous booth tenant remembered to shower this week.  You can't go wrong with this choice but there is better options out there.

First Watch - Westport location:

Quality - 2
Service - 3
Price - 2
Decor - 2

While perhaps one of the most popular breakfast options around the place seems stuck in the 80's.  The food is generally bland, the decor is drab and the prices are the only thing that haven't remained in step with the 80's.  The menu sounds great but trust me, the kitchen will find a way to suck every bit of seasoning out the dish you were previously salivating over.

Sosa's (Former Mama's and Nichol's Diner):

Quality - 3
Service - 1
Price - 2
Decor - 4

This is one of the new kids on the scene and from early reviews it has a bit of catching up to do.  In all fairness to Sosa's they bill themselves as much more than just a breakfast destination.  They have a liquor license and actually serve some pretty tasty Mexican fare.  (If this review was for overall food selections they would receive a higher score).  Just be warned... the service is among the worst I've ever seen at a restaurant.  Not rude or anything, just extremely unorganized and clueless.  A restaurant relies on the Kitchen staff and the waitstaff working in perfect harmony, and this team is dysfunctional.

Huddle House:

Quality - 4
Service - 4
Price - 3
Decor - 5

Ok, I get that us KC folk don't like chains.  I support that mission as well.  But this Southern based chain knows how to serve up a good breakfast experience.  The food is pretty swell and the layout of the small restaurant is cozy and clean. 

In all, breakfast in the Midtown corrider can be a nice experience.  Everyone has their favorite and they are loyal to that choice so understand that my evaluations are just that... mine.