Tex-Mex done right

I'm pretty sure that Mexican food isn't given the same "Smart Food" label as Seafood and Veggies, but it sure does make me feel smart. I feel smart when eating Mexican because I can usually get a great meal at a great price. I'm not talking about Taco Bell vs. Taco John's here (By the way, Taco Johns is better).
I'm talking about finding good, solid Tex-Mex food at a great price. (As a side note I have been told by many smart foodie types that the vast majority of all Mexican restaurants in America are really "Tex-Mex" places so I'll attach that label to anything that doesn't serve me solely tamales and tainted water).
I have found such a good deal place in Caliente Grille (900 W. 39th Street). This family run eatery is housed in the former Pangea spot along 39th Street. Granted, their web site is not good ( And the menu does not feature any amazing or unique take on traditional Tex-Mex fare. But it is good, solid food at a very inexpensive price point. On a recent mid-week lunch excursion to Caliente I was able to polish off a bowl of chips and salsa, two soft tacos (with a heaping side of sour cream), and two Bud Lights for the grand total of eight bucks!
Caliente makes me feel smart. It also makes me feel good when I sit at the bar and talk with the owners; a mother/daughter team with a strong work ethic trying to make a tough business location into a successful dining destination.
As I've always stated before I'm not a professional restaurant reviewer. I'm just a regular guy who knows what he likes in a dining experience. I like Caliente. Do you? Based on how many people are typically there when I visit the real question is probably whether you've even tried it.


The best cooking shows of all time

This is actually a list of the best episodes from different shows. Julia and Jacques FTW!


Saucy Salads and Twisted Tomato

Hey kids, the City Market is holding some cook-offs this summer.

"Kansas City, MO — The 2010 City Market Farm to Table Festival Series continues with the Saucy Salad Day on Saturday, June 5 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  There will be plenty of fun to be had for the entire family.  The City Market is calling all foodies and amateur chefs!"

Register for Saucy Salads here.
Register for Twisted Tomato here.


Sad scene

"Our oceans and their denizens are besieged on all sides.  Given these seemingly insurmountable odds, it is difficult to maintain any sense of optimism when one considers the state of our world’s waters."

Johnny Casserole to the rescue!

 What a great idea. If you lived in Chicago you could send your sweetie a nice tuna noodle casserole for Valentines Day.

"Bryson also had a love for the all-American casserole, but a restaurant devoted exclusively to hotdish just seemed too improbable. So he started thinking, "How can I stay small, doing what I want to do, which is getting people to eat some damn casseroles?""

Too busy to cook?

Michael Ruhlman calls bullsh*t!

"Maybe you don't like to cook, maybe you're too lazy to cook, maybe you'd rather watch television or garden, I don't know and I don't care, but don't tell me you're too busy to cook. We all have the same hours every day, and we all choose how to use them."


What the F*ck should I make for dinner?

Happy Cinco! If you're asking yourself this question here are some suggestions.


Do us all a favor, keep it a secret.

Shhhh........ it's a secret. Welcome to the worst website since I built one. This place just whispers class.

"Five Tvs to insure you won't miss the latest Sports." I think I just found my new haunt. Watch out Tower, this place is coming on strong.