Gin for the win

American entrants into the gin game. Gin is making a comeback. Those who know me know I prefer gin. Junipero and Magellen are my favorites.

Tasting Rachael Ray

She's so genuine, creative and talented. YACK!

Food for thought:

Guess the well-known food each picture represents.

Food, Inc. trailer

This movie looks scary good.


Who Is Your Drinking Hurting?

This commercial makes me want to have children.

"Not realistic. The wheels NEVER come off the General Lee! FAKE!"


You Are What You Eat

What does the contents of your fridge say about you? This guy photographs the inside of stranger's refrigerators.

I like the bartender's fridge, but mine most resembles the blind community worker's fridge.

Three Wolf Moon T-shirt goes uber viral

Sales of the “Three Wolf Moon Shirt” are up 2300% after word got out that it was getting priceless customer reviews on Amazon. Hundreds of reviewers are vying to be the funniest.

You gotta read some of these.

It gets better from there. The manufacturer is not exactly pleased with the reviews. Link

Also check out the hilarious reviews of Tuscan Whole Milk (new and used from $199.99) there are 1050 of reviews for viewing enjoyment. Some of them are practically novel in length.

"I thought I'd save a little money on this product so I clicked on the 'Order it used' button. Boy, was that a mistake! When new, this product is just fine. When used, it's almost undrinkable.
So, if you're in the market for Whole Milk, heed my advice, buy new"

"I write to you to express the joy in the depth of my heart for this product. Having lost my leg in a terrible aquarium accident I was left a cripple whose only pleasure came from thai ladyboys dressed like richard nixon. But now through the miracle of Tucson milk I am able to live like a man again. So great was its ability to strengthen bone that my missing left leg has grown back (well just the bone) and I am able to once again statisfy a woman. No more shall those poor boys have to suffer saying 'I am not a crook' while dressed in satin."


Gordon Ramsey swears at you.

Having too good of a day? Just press the button on his forehead and feel the pain.

I like to call random people, hold my phone to the speaker and hit the button over and over. Try it.

Police Slog Through 40K Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

The amount of digital media shot at this party is astounding! You won't believe it. I wouldn't if I were you. 2400 photos of the cigarette falling? This is about what its come down to. The Onion strikes again.


Look's like pork Randy!

You gotta see this. I peed a little. I wanna party with Marbles!


Simply Amazing. Same face times 1000. I know some poser chicks like this. You know who you are.

Strasburg tosses 17 K no-hitter; Boras to Nats: 'Mwahahaha'

If you haven't heard about this kid.... you will.

In the final home start of his ridiculous collegiate career, San Diego State junior Stephen Strasburg threw a 17-strikeout no-hitter against Air Force. The 20-year-old is now 11-0 for the Aztecs, with an obscene 164 Ks in 87.1 innings. He leads all amateur pitchers in hype, earning potential, and 103 mph fastballs. Strasburg has a 23-strikeout game to his credit, too.

The search for KC's top (hot) dog

How does this guy not know about Pizza Man? This article is a joke.


I can't get enough...

Keyboard Cat! This is some funny viral. I almost died from laughing so hard. Where can I get the ringtone?

What Are the Drunkest Countries in the World?

Uganda FTW! Without me the U.S would not have even made the list. We need to get our act together if we are going to compete. I'm embarrassed.

DJs and Where They Work

An interesting insight in the birthplaces of numerous hits of our century!
This where the magic happens.

Michael Ruhlman is cool

Don't believe me? Check out his story here. Writer, chef...... bad-ass.

Food free food

“Molecular Gastronomy” can blow me! Give me simple, fresh ingredients and quit f*cking with my food.

Some comments on this article reflect my views on the subject.

"I would never pay good money to eat chemicals at a fine restaurant. I can do that easily enough at home, thanks to Kraft." — DocChuck

Synthetic compounds aren’t great,
They portend an uncertain fate,
Though the taste may be fair,
Little nourishment there,
And you may put on synthetic weight!" — Larry Eisenberg

The United States of Sriracha

You know you love it.
John T. has found dishes in 20 states that use Sriracha.

Update: The list has been updateified.

Hold the foam please

Ferran AdriĆ 's plan to learn pizza making and open a pizzeria in Barcelona isn't going down too well with Italians. It is their dish, after all.

Ferran AdriĆ 's restaurant El Bulli in Spain has been voted best in the world two years in a row. I would like to eat there, but I'm not sure if I like my food "messed with" that much.
Here is a review.



Costly Consumption: 10 Incomprehensibly Expensive Cognacs

Loves it!

"To bear the name “cognac”, this 300-year-old spirit must be produced from a specific blend of grapes, distilled twice in copper stills and then aged for at least two years in French oak casks– and that’s just for the cheap stuff. "

I must be a Cowboy!

It's still my favorite place in the city for Prime Rib. Get down there and give these Cowpokes your money.