Why do I like this so much?

"Whoever would have thought that a song about finding a dead body could be so fun! Thanks, Betty!"


Make an awesome bacon cup

Man, these things are cool. I'd like to fill them with scrambled eggs. Just as cool is the bacon mat.

Think you know your pizza?

Here is a great article explaining regional pizza styles across the country. It's interesting that they mention Chicago thin-crust pizza. Be sure to read the comments..... lots of good insider information. Below is what one commenter said about it.

"Thanks for acknowledging Chicago thin-crust. Far more Chicagoans eat that style than deep dish -- that stuffs mainly reserved for the tourists."

I happen to agree with him, it's my favorite style.

Favorite Chef of the moment - David Chang

"In 2007, Mr. Chang won the James Beard Foundation rising star award for best new chef for his tiny, eclectic and very personal Momofuku restaurants in the East Village."

This guy is taking New York by storm, Chef Chang is a gastronomical bad ass! Learn more about him here.


I need a "Joovcuh Doovdé player" and a "Joovcuh Lookada Tuv."

This is a pretty creative prank call. The prankster calls an electronics store and pronounces all acronyms as if they were words, confusing the hell out of, then pissing off the employee.


The world according to Americans

Here is a funny little map.

It's Cheddarvision!

Is anything more exciting than watching cheddar age? I don't think so.

Cool searchable dining guide

I found this place called Check it out.

Book reviews

I just finished these books. They're good... read them.
Kitchen Confidential, Bone in the Throat and The Nasty Bits.

You still suck at Photoshop

That's right, you still suck at Photoshop and Donnie Hoyle is here to remind you of that.


Interesting little place indeed

"At first glance, Bluefields in Nicaragua looks like any other rum-soaked, Rastafarian-packed, hammock-infested Caribbean paradise. But Bluefields has a secret.

People here don't have to work. Every week, sometimes every day, 35kg sacks of cocaine drift in from the sea. The economy of this entire town of 50,000 tranquil souls is addicted to cocaine."


Kansas City Lunch Spots

Here is a cool website reviewing lunch spots around KC.

Pictured above (and in the header of the site) is an Italian Beef sandwich. Italian Beef sandwiches are native to Chicago, so I don't know why he has one pictured on his site. It is, in my opinion, the best sandwich on the planet. The best beef sandwich can be found at Max's Italian Beef, on Western Ave. in Chicago.

Check it out, it's a cool site. I like what he says about food in KC compared to other cities.

"Other cities like Chicago and Philly have their blue collar delicacies available on every corner. That's because people appreciate a a humble hot dog or a sandwich enough to turn it into a thing of beauty. Here, places like The Mixx have turned salad into a thing of beauty but they are gonna charge you twelve bucks for it and make you sit next to intolerable brookside couples with misbehaving children. In New York you can see stock brokers munching the country's best slice out on the street next to a homeless person. They're eating the same food because it's good and cheap and doesn't take forever."

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I'm feigning interest

Funny little song some guy wrote about you.

They have created a monster

Worst parents ever? This is incredible.


Is the Brooksider racist? Naw

This after the owner was punched in the face by a black kid.

"The Brooksider Sports Bar and Grill in Brookside has a new dress code. Police have been called to the bar more than 40 times in the last six months, and management said it hopes the dress code will solve the problem."

No baggy or saggy clothing
No bandanas or do-rags
Baseball hats are allowed, but no stickers or price tags can be showing
No men's tank tops, sleeveless shirts or white T-shirts
Untucked T-shirts cannot exceed arm's length
All necklaces must be tucked inside a shirt
No sports jerseys after 10 p.m.

Food consumption for one week

Here is an interesting look at what people around the world consume in a weeks time.


Here it is guys..... How To Get Laid

It is this easy!

Hong Kong was Fantastic

Well, I'm back from vacation, and what a trip it was. We saw a lot of stuff and did a lot of things. And, of course, I ate everything in sight.

Here is a link to a gallery of pictures we shot. Most faces have been omitted to protect the innocent.


Vacation time!

Sorry kids....... no posts for a while. I am off to Hong Kong for a couple weeks. I hope to spend some time with my friend Thelma, who I met on my first visit.