Top 15 Russian Appetizers

It's all good in the hood. I get those pickled tomatoes at European Delights on 95th st. They're delicious.

Thanks Meesha.

Russian luxury yachts offer pirate hunting cruises

WTF? These folk are crazy! Leave it to the Ruskies. No offense Meesha.


25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

KCMO got 2 spots on the list. #6 and #8..... we should be so proud of ourselves. In these areas you have a 1:7 & 1:8 chance of being a crime victim over the period of a year. Wait...what? That's my hood.

Thanks Dean.


Bourdain Food Porn in Chicago

Bourdain in Chicago.

"Geisha boys. An Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, and Laurent Gras triple-decker beef-daddy sandwich. In the private tatami room at L20. Do Tony and Eric look a little wasted? They are completely. I had to drive back to the hotel.

Come and get it. I got your food porn right here."

5 year old Gouda

Here is a funny posting about 5 year old Gouda. I couldn't agree more with this guy.

His blog is really well written and his recipes look awesome.

"In my fantasy world, I would have a cheese cave (like the ones at Artisanal) built into my fantasy dream world foodie temple, as well as an old school cheese cart, which would be stacked with 20 cheeses and wheeled around by a cheese jockey each and every hour I am awake. (Yes, I just typed cheese jockey. No, I am not intoxicated)"

Pole Postings

"My favorite costume is a pirate outfit on the top half but has clown pants and big shoes."

Wanted: New Waitress

I think I might do this in the future.... funny!

"Also, a new busboy, because how did this not get cleaned up immediately? In most restaurants the busboy is stalking behind me ready to grab my plate the moment I finish my Monte Cristo. "


Reading Between the Lines

The Psychology of Menu Design. Pretty damn interesting. Who knew so much went into it? Good things to think of while designing my next menu.

Thanks to Owen Morris of Fat City for pointing this out.

Best tattoo ever?

This not my arm. Nor did I ink the tattoo. I just think it's cool.

Fish Fraud

I knew this was going on but I didn't know the extent of it. Check out this chart.


13 Places to Eat Before You Die

Oklahoma Joe's makes Bourdain's list! Here is the list. He talks about Oklahoma Joe's here.