Kansas City Isn't Good Enough for La Raza?

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"It's disappointing that the national convention of La Raza is rejecting Kansas City because it disagrees with the politics of a member of the Parks Board, but, really, I'm glad it's all over. The drama and headlines were getting awfully tedious - especially when you realize that they were all over a convention that will take a few phone calls to replace. Yawn.

One of the amusing sidenotes to this controversy is the "economic impact" argument. People with no regard for the truth (and joke bloggers) will claim that La Raza just took $5-7 million away from Kansas City. Those numbers are made-up, porous nonsense. We do, however, get a free $75,000 because La Raza breached its contract. Love it.

Another amusing sidenote is that La Raza is having its next convention in San Diego! No, really, they are going to take their convention to a place where the STATE REPRESENTATIVE (that's a slightly more important office than Parks commissioner) is a huge, vocal supporter of the Minutemen, and much of the population is active with the organization. When asked about the hypocrisy inherent in the discrepancy, Janet Murguia claimed that it was somehow better that the state representative had been elected by the citizens!

WHAT?! Does that make any sense in any universe? La Raza would rather go someplace where racism has been embraced by the populace, rather than Kansas City, where there's an insignificant parks board member who supports the Minutemen?? Really?!

Maybe, just maybe, there's something else going on here. Maybe somebody talked a bit too much, and tried to spin this into a bigger power play than he could handle. Maybe vocal parts of the local Hispanic community got behind the loudest and most strident voice, instead of the most responsible and smartest voice. Maybe the local Hispanic community is going to be seeing a little shake-up in its leadership.

Or, maybe not.

La Raza thought it could bully our mayor around. In fact, they could have. Who doubts that he would have gone pretty far with concessions and compromises? But La Raza made the mistake of drawing their line in the sand, and pushing for the right to control every single appointment in this city, down to the Parks Board. And nobody in his or her right mind wants that.

So, La Raza is off to sunny San Diego, where they can see Minutemen supporters on every corner of every street. I wish them a safe and happy journey. Whichever convention takes their place here in Kansas City will see a far more tolerant community that can only be pushed so far.

Thank you, Mayor Funkhouser, for your good-faith efforts to bring the La Raza National Convention to Kansas City. Thanks, also, for not caving into La Raza's ridiculous demands. The vast majority of Kansas City appreciates your handling of this manufactured showdown."

Kansas City to La Raza....... Suck it!

I found the text below on the La Raza website.

"In recent months, however, an increasing number of states and localities are seeking to drive unwanted (they mean illegal) immigrants out of their communities and make it less attractive for new ( illegal) immigrants to arrive. Over the last several years, record numbers of legislation have been introduced at the state and city level. These measures included language that would cut benefits to immigrants, penalize persons who employ or provide assistance and services to undocumented (they mean illegal) immigrants, and require the police to enforce immigration laws. As the states and localities implement these measures, the U.S. is becoming a country with a patchwork of laws and regulations that are often unconstitutional, costly, and misguided. The implications for Latinos are vast and these measures create mistrust, fear, discrimination, and intolerance in communities.

On the other hand, there are states, counties, and cities that continue to welcome newcomers (those who have criminally immigrated) to their communities in ways that help those individuals integrate into the fabric of society."

If you don't criminally sneak into a country, you don't have to worry about all of these terrible injustices you could face.

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