Let The Romance Begin!

It's very rare that a man can speak so respectfully and eloquently to a woman. I think we can all learn something from this guy.


I think I'm in love

Her name is Nari Kye, she is a producer on one of my favorite shows, No Reservations with Tony Bourdain. She has a very strange and truly asian video on Youtube. I think she made the video for me. Anyway, my favorite episode is when Nari takes Tony to Korea. Another favorite is the Vancouver episode featuring lots of yummy Nari.

Donnie is back!

And of course.... you still suck at Photoshop. But you already knew that, didn't you?


Too much candy?

Too much candy from Capucha on Vimeo.

Switch hitter huh? Well here is my switch pitcher!

I'll bet you've never seen this before. This could go on all night. Watch the video.

"Here's the video of Yankees' Single-A pitcher Pat Venditte baffling a hitter last night with his pitching ambidexterity.

Venditte, a natural right-handed pitcher, had a special glove made — four fingers, two thumbs — so he doesn't have to go all Jim Abbott out there on the mound."

"One day he stood at home plate in Creighton's stadium and threw a ball over the left-field fence righthanded, then turned and threw a ball over the right-field fence lefthanded," Pat Sr. said. Both fences were 335 feet away.

Of course the Yanks already have the guy in their farm system. This guy should work in the circus.

Read his incredible story here.

Where the Hell is Matt?

If this doesn't make you smile, or cry, or both, something is wrong with you. It's based on the very popular original. Here is his story.

Please read the comments below the video.


Erin Bode

The kind folks over at Plastic Sax have made me aware of a lovely singer from St Louis, Erin Bode. Damn! I'll take two.

My new girlfriend loves to dance!

She has the moves, so don't be hate'n.

Steve are you with me?

If you're flying with the Blue Angels, it's no time to take a nap.

Whiskey Knife

A friend of mine, Scott Johnson, created this short in six hours from start to finish. It was for a local KC film competition in which he came in third. Funny stuff.

Also watch 3 things.


Summer Solstice Doubles

It's time again for the Summer Solstice Doubles Disc Golf Tournament at Swope Park. My buddies Poop and Gib put on this sweet tournament every year. Come out and throw with us! I'm playing in the advanced division. Or you can just come out to party. There will be plenty of food and drink for all.

Here is a map.

Sign up here!

Stephen Wiltshire - The Autistic Human Camera

This guy is amazing!

From Google Earth

Someone found a bunch of cool stuff on Google Earth. Check it out.



FireStorm uncovers the fascinating world of altered time to the viewer, allowing a unique look at nature's fury. Shot with 3 cameras over a period of 28 hours during September 28-29th 2005. Firestorm shows a a unique look at the Simi Valley fire which consumed 25,000 acres. Look for Mars, Orion & the Moon rising in the distance...
--Eli Jarra


Take me out to the ballgame

Here is guide to help you decide what to eat at Major League ballparks around the country.

I have only been to 9 ballparks and the food at the "K" is the worst I've had. I think the best food would have to be in San Francisco. I was there when they played in Candlestick park and I remember the food was great. The quality and variety was impressive.

I found a map of the food selections at AT&T park where the Giants currently play. Very impressive.

What the Japanese is this?

I loves me some Asians!


I had a hard day at the office

Someone stole my stapler and homey don't play dat!



Hey look man, it's Roller Girl

No, not that Roller Girl , a different one.

Cooling off.... Bass Pro Shop style

Cliff diving inside Bass Pro Shop looks fun!

The last beer in the fridge

Its on!

After sex

We all have weird things we like to do after sex. Don't we?

Contact Juggling

Wizard? No. God damned dirty hippy? Yes.