Ten Dollars for Tony's City Hall Credibility?

This is pretty funny. Our friend over at is exposing Tony from for the whining, negative fraud that he really is (not to mention he's an anti-white racist). Funny stuff. Here's the article.

"Back in mid-July, when Tony became "One Trick Tony" with his "Bash-a-Day" obsession over Kansas City's Mayor, he started a "Cauthen Countdown", because he was convinced that Funkhouser was going to fire City Manager Wayne Cauthen.

While I had never discussed Cauthen with Funkhouser or anyone on his staff at the time, I knew that Tony knew as little about City Hall politics as he does about Sprint Center parking, so I offered a little wager - I'd donate $10 to a charity of his choice if Cauthen was gone by 10/26, and he would do the same to a charity of my choice if Cauthen was still in place.

It's now looking like I was right, though the date hasn't yet passed. Is Tony still confident that he was correct in his "Cauthen Countdown"? Or was it all just a shout for attention - one that he would rather forget now that events have undercut his credibility on the issue?

Kind of places his talk of Funkhouser's lack of popular support into a different perspective, doesn't it? It certainly sets the credibility bar for Tony's talk of recall . . ."

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