Raw veganism is the dizzope? Huh?

According to Lisa Paris, Raw Veganism is a total party scene. She uses all sorts of hip, street lingo to convince you of such. Who talks like this? Raw vegan white girls from the means streets of Portland that's who. Suckas!.

"Most peeps think of raw and veganism as lackluster fruit and vegetable shenanigans but oh snap- there is so much more!"

"....the beauty is you don’t have to get all hardcore super raw gangster to experience the amazing benefits."

"I believe there are two key factors in attaining this state of raw dietary dope-ness"

"There is a majorly cool world of info out there and it is our pleasure to get you hooked up-phat."

And finally she has a "crazy hook-up" that is going to "blow our minds!" Aw Yeah!

 Ready? Here it is, straight outa the Kitch!!!

Straight from the Raw Beets Kitch:
The Parisian Love Crumble
Makes 1 Beautiful Crumble
1 ¼ cup raw almonds
1 cup walnuts
1 lb. strawberries
¾ cup pitted dates
¼ teaspoon sea salt

"Make a million friends with this tasty crowd pleaser…"

If I served this to my friends at a party I would expect them to punch me in the face. Don't let this little white chick from Portland, Oregon scare you off with her straight-dope street speak. Check out her website here.


Anonymous said...

This girl is a bigger idiot than you!

Lisa Paris said...

I pride myself on my gang-starness, rawness and having a dope time of life. Word.

Erica said...

Lisa Paris is awesome! She is making the health food world more interesting for young adults. Instead of criticizing maybe you should try a few recipes. They are fantastic, and better yet, good for you! Fyi, don't knock the Parisian Love Crumble until you've tried it. We need more people like Lisa getting the word across that raw veganism is more than just a "hippie" diet fad.
Lisa, you are a true inspiration (and not an idiot in the least)!

Chad H said...

Keep doing your thing, Lisa. I wouldn't expect anyone from the midwest, home of corn-fed cattle, to understand the world of real, living food that is recognizable by the human body. As opposed to the meat dominant diet of those in BBQ country. Nothing against BBQ, BTW, can I get a side of heart disease with that.
Lisa is actually taking care of people with food that allows you to thrive as opposed to die.

Anonymous said...

Way to waste your time being such a hater. Lisa is getting it done, making herself known and helping people at the same time, oh and making those benjamins.

What do you do to help out besides slug Haterade all day??

Yeahhh boyyyy...

Hope that was gangster enough for you - nerd!

Anonymous said...

If all gangstas were the raw variety and looked as smoking as Lisa Paris, more people would definitely be convinced to go raw. I mean if it's any testament to raw - this sexy vegan gangsta could speak gibberish and I'd be convinced going raw is the way...

Anonymous said...

I have to say, your post is pointless. You're just a hater it seems. Why not change it up and do some good for people. Lisa Paris is not hating on anybody. If you don't like her steez then step! Steez is gangster for style by the way.

Anonymous said...

I love Lisa Paris, her recipes, and all that she does! She's a hip, young health enthusiast and she's making moves... thank you so much for supporting her by putting her on your blog, even though you had some quite IGNORANT comments!

It's all good... we understand, as it's people like you, and perceptions like yours that we superheros are here to change before you guys ravage what is left of this beautiful planet!

Peace!! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess when someone elses food blog is more successful than others it makes them a wee bit jealous??? If you noticed, there hasn't been too many comments until he berates someone who has more blog success...hmmmm...maybe we should let him post his dribble into space like he's been doing and not give him this much attention as been the case all along.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is incredible. You have to try her vegan juiced chocolate two children LOVE it! I'm not a vegan and I don't do all raw. I'm into good food and good health. Lisa is helping to spread the word of real food, and she's rockin' it! Yup, sound like a bit of Foodie jealousy over in this corner. Oh, snap!

Anonymous said...

At least she has a website and not this weak ass excuse for a blog.

kalequeen said...

The gloves are off.

After spending three minutes (that I'll never get back) perusing the drivel in your blog, I'd have to say the post consisting almost entirely of quotes by my girl Lisa Paris (who is FUCKING hot) has by far been the best. Look at all the comments it's getting! When was the last time you had this many hits on your blog in one day?

If you're so sure that serving the Parisian Crumble would culminate in your being punched in the face, then by all means, be my guest.

Happy Juicing!

tisa dolan said...

There are SO Many Wildly Amazing Reason's Why Lisa Paris is an Amazingly Wild Babe.


She realizes it's always a dope time to let your Gangsta Love shine.

She's trekked many city streets pushin LOVE and health w/ beets.

She is an incredible friend.

Beets are loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. The greens have a higher content of iron compared to spinach. They are also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium and iron.

Betaine, an amino acid in beet root, has significant anti-cancer properties. Studies show that beets juice inhibits formation of cancer-causing compounds and is protective against colon or stomach cancer.

The choline from this wonderful juice detoxifies not only the liver, but also the entire system of excessive alcohol abuse, provided consumption is ceased.

The cellulose content helps to ease bowel movements. Drinking beets juice regularly will help relieve chronic constipation.

She spreads loving energy. That's it homey. All of us here I'm sure are proud to be a part of this beautiful moment where you get to bear witness to the same, and namaste's all around.

<3 you,


Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa in New York City and she's a great person who is VERY knowledgeable about raw food and health.

You my friend are just a HATTERRRR thats all.

Keep on shining Lisa and doing ur thing!


Anonymous said...

My... my.. food guy. Will the real haters please stand up? Oh, it appears they have. I don't see where you were hating on Lisa at all. It seems that you were simply pointing out the irony of a cute little white girl who conveys her raw vegan message with gangsta speak. Although you did bag on her twig and berry crumble.

Hell, you pimped her article AND her website! What gives?

kc food guy said...

Lisa thought it was funny. I guess her raw army didn't consult with their leader?

"Hi KC Food Guy...

Dude your post was funny- thanks for dropping Raw Beet bombs all ova:)

Don't Forget To Eat Your Beets,

Lisa Paris"