Please pass the margaritas

Damn. I meant to type, "Drive passed Margaritas!"

It was Sunday and I wanted fried tacos, so I went down to the Blvd to get some. La Fonda was closed, damn, as were a lot of the restaurants. I kept driving, thinking I would hit up Rosedale BBQ, then I saw Margaritas.

As I pulled in the lot, there was a family of  7 piling out of the place. Damn, I thought, now I remember why I don't eat here. Margaritas is the Denny's of Mexican food. I took a seat at the bar. The barkeep was behind the bar entering information into the touch screen. For about 10 minutes I stared at her awesome neck tattoo proudly displayed below her ponytail.

There are people with neck tattoos, and then there are the rest us. Eventually, I received a menu and a can of Tecate. "Last one!", she says, as she digs it out of a lukewarm tub of water from under the backbar. "Last one?", I said  "Did you have a run on Tecate today?". "No, that's left over from Cinco de Mayo." Damn, I thought, almost a month in that tub? I picked up the menu as I put down the beer.

I stared at the Dennyesque menu for the next few minutes. While looking at the pretty pictures of food I realized this place has free entertainment. The bartender and a server were fighting over a ticket! A lost ticket, that reappeared! In front of the TÄ“teoh and everyone they fought!

As soon as the entertainment ended, I decided it was time to leave. I asked the bartender for my check but she didn't acknowledge me. Instead she turns toward her friend the touchscreen. After several minutes she leaves the touchscreen, and the bar. Damn. I had no entertainment, I couldn't drink the warm beer, and I couldn't pay my way out.

She returned a few minutes later and started putzing around behind the bar. I asked her what I owed for the Tecate and she replied, "He's looking it up." WTF? Looking it up? Who is looking it up? It's a can of warm beer, not a gold watch. I asked, "Will 5 dollars cover it?" She said, "I don't know, some of our imports are $5.50". F this place! I thew 7 bucks on the bar and left.

MexiDenny's does not have their shit tight stuff together.

She folks, was a loser. Just another loser with a neck tattoo. From the moment I first saw the super hip neck tattoo, I knew not to expect much from her. She, just like all neck tatted people, lack certain things most of the rest of us possess, common sense and job skills.

I would like to bag on Margarita's Dennymex food, but I couldn't get that far. Maybe you can.


m.v. said...

I miss negative reviews,this one is awesome

Fresh Fish Creative said...

$7 for a Tecate? hahahahahahahahahhhahaahah. Drink and dash next time?

foodsnob said...

It is now August and this is the blog that keeps on giving...still funny in a "right on" sort of way. Glad that I haven't eaten at Margarita's in 5 years and glad to be reminded why.

Rachel66214 said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. Unfortunately, I don't get to visit many of the places you haunt as I'm one of those single jo co moms who basically car pools her kids everywhere with a very occasional dinner out. However, Margarita's in Lenexa is quite near my home and on occasion has been a meeting spot for some gal pals. I hate when it is even mentioned as an option. Some love it...I don't... But after my last visit, never more!