Best restaurant name ever?

When choosing a name for your restaurant, make it a good one. Fatty 'Cue in Brooklyn did just that. The menu looks terrific. Asian freshness and heat paired with smokey, fatty, BBQ goodness. I guess some folks call this "fusion". I call it a great idea.

Could something like this fly in KC? I'm not sure if this city would embrace such an exotic rendition of their beloved BBQ. We folks, are BBQ snobs, and we don't like people messing with our cherished pastime.

"Fatty ‘Cue is an effort by a few of the members of the Fatty Crew to bring to Brooklyn a little Southeast Asian fermented funkiness and a whole helluva a lot of smoke. Local and humanely grown/raised/fished products are subjected to our unique flavorings, scrubbed and rubbed, perhaps dropped in a salty-sweet dip pool, and then lovingly treated to low temperature smoke “baths” all for your dining pleasure."

I'm in. You?

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