Food Gone Bad

I know that all of you must think that being a food reviewer is a sweet gig. You get to chow at great places and then review them for the millions of people that view our blog every day (or the six people that view it everyday... whatever).
Recently I paid the price for my food reviewer ways. I went to The Brooksider in, well... Brookside. I wanted to check out some sports, drink a cold beer, and have some good pub grub. Everything started pretty well. Great service... Check. Cold Beer... Check. Good Food... Uh Oh!
The pretzels we had were probably good two weeks ago when they were made (probably bought). Not so good on the day I visited. The Philly sandwich might have been good had it not been clearly covered in two separate spots with green mold. Seriously. Our server/bartender apologized and said they had some fresh bread they could use for their second attempt at our Philly. Oddly enough he then left out the front door for a few minutes (maybe a run to the grocery store next door?).
Anyway, I'd love to give The Brooksider a honest review. I just can't. You served me moldy bread. You lose. I've had good meals in K.C. and bad ones as well. But this is the first time I've been served moldy bread (was Ray Charles the cook? This thing was clearly green.).
On the bright side I can cross off one more place to grab food in K.C. The list was getting kind of long anyway.


Anonymous said...

Why can't we get a review like this in the KC Star.
Sounds like a honest review to me. Thanks.

Dan said...

Shut up and eat your greens! ;-)