Cheese Anyone?

Looking at the masthead of our site got me thinking about one of my favorite meal experiences: The Cheese Platter. Many years ago I discovered the best cheese plate experience in the world (it is the best... Trust Me!) at 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia. Located just outside of D.C. this place had the best post-dinner cheese options. (www.2941.com).
From Italian Brunet to Spanish Roncal you could pick and choose which cheeses you wanted to sample. As if that wasn't enough, they then brought you a heap of home-made cotton candy to fully finish the meal. (Who knew that cotton candy could be associated with fine dining?)
My point is not to fondly look back at one of my favorites in another place I lived, but rather to get some feedback from the savvy foodies who check out this site for suggestions on where to go in KC for a good cheese plate. I know that in recent years the beloved cheese plate has often fell out of favor in fancy meal spots, but surely it remains somewhere. So to all four readers of this site... hook me up with some options!


Anonymous said...

The have a good meat and cheese plate at Thaomas. Westside Local also has a good cheese plate.

Tarl said...

If you haven't already done it go into Cellar Rat and do a cheese and wine Tasting with Ryan. He can sell glasses of wine at the counter now. He pulls the mozzarella there and make some of the condiments for the cheese plates. I think cheese plates are making a comeback. A couple of things that puts me off on them are. 1) A lot of places don't don't sell or push them enough to keep the cheese fresh. 2) Poor handling of the cheese. 3) Too much other crap on the cheese plate. a) Just give me a few little things that play off or enhance the flavor of the cheese and wine. b) It shouldn't be a the size of an entree, just a small plate to finnish up the meal.
And by the way, Costco has a damn fine cheese selection.