Keith Floyd Gets Real About "Celebrity Chefs"

I love this guy!

"No one can make a paella, all they can do is assemble gastronomic lego."

"The final interview with recently departed culinary legend Keith Floyd made its way onto the air, and what he had to say about the idea of "celebrity chefs" was both surprising and amusing. He lambasts TV chefs for preferring the attention of the spotlight to actually being in the kitchen, and points out the distinction between being a chef and being a cook. Never one to mince words, his light hearted tirade contains some choice language, but hearing Keith's brutally honest assessment of what irritates him about the celeb chef culture makes us miss him all the more."

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Patrick said...

The Lasting Tribute website has updated its memorial pages to include Keith Floyd.

It's a respectful memorial to him and somewhere to pay tribute to his life and work, entertaining people and cooking good food.

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