Foods in Season

This place is nifty. Need some Shimeji Brown Caps? No? How about some Fiddlehead Ferns? I want two of everything!


Midtown Food Guy said...

I saw some chefs deal with fiddlehead ferns in a "chopped" challenge. They seemed useless as every chef chimed in that the ferns were like eating a house plant unless you spiced them up. Maybe I need to find a recipe or something. Or maybe just throw some Gates BBQ sauce on them.

Delly News Blog said...
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Andy FOF said...

We served fiddleheads at the American Restaurant in the mid 80's. A lot. Cleaning them properly was time consuming and a real bitch.Whoever was working the veg station when they were in season was not happy. They also announced the arrival of spring. As far as recipe I think they are something you don't do a lot to. Whole butter, shallots, saute to crisp and maybe finish with a touch of white wine and fresh herb i.e.: dill, thyme, chervil. I remember them as being quite tasty, but maybe not for everyone.