Best restaurants in Kansas City.... Not!

WTF is going on over at Urban Spoon? Blanc Burgers is ranked the #1 restaurant in the city??? Justus Drugstore got in at #100? Who's doing the ranking over there..... 7 year olds? This list is a joke.

Houston's... Best Fine Dining?
Mi Ranchito... Best Mexican?
Houston's... Best Steakhouse?


Fresh Fish Creative said...

Between the gluttony of barbecue and burgers on the list, I'm thinking meat lovers are the head honchos over at Urban Spoon. Ugh, joke list for sure.

Midtown Food Guy said...

The Urban Spoon ratings are an absolute joke. Anyone who relies on these ratings is misguided.

Brelleva said...

Hi - sorry for the shameless self promotion. I work for Where The Locals Eat and wondering if we're as "off base" as Urban Spoon about our Best of Kansas City selections:

Just curious to have some local takes. We do surveys and such...but, it's always good to hear opinions from varied sources.

kc food guy said...


Thanks for checking out my blog, and thanks for linking to it.

You seem a lot closer on your picks than the folks over at Urban Spoon. I do disagree with many of them though.

I couldn't find a way to sort by ranking, only "Best in Category". Who/how do you "survey" to get your picks?