I'm down with the West Bottoms looking up

The word is that Todd Schulte, the guy behind Happy Gillis, is going to open a spot in the West Bottoms.

"Schulte hasn't signed a lease on the space. He's still thinking about the deal. "I'm 99 percent sure I'd like to open a restaurant there," he said. "There's a lot of daytime business in the Bottoms, but not a lot of dining options. What I wouldn't do is put another Happy Gillis in the space. It's too close to our original location."

Another high note for the "Bottoms" is the opening of R Bar in the old Sutera's space right across from my favorite steakhouse, the Ox.

Thanks Fat City.... I love you.


Ajacot said...

And wouldn't the Kemper make a great IKEA.

Fresh Fish Creative said...

George and I will follow Todd anywhere. They are awesome.