Just say no to NOLA

photo caption (New Orleans: The good old days)

Let's give her back to the sea! Great article about New Orleans here.

"The city and its long line of corrupt citizens and politicians have already managed to hoover $127 billion out of the federal government and that, as they say, should be enough for any cluster of crooks. On a per person basis that comes to $425,000 for each of the 300,000 fools still living in that pulsating pustule on the bayou.

Keeping that figure in mind, my policy is that the New Orleaners among us are paid up and paid in full as of today. Boys, girls, bozos, bad jazz musicians, and underemployed drag queens all, take heed. It is over. Take your toothless gums off the public tit. It is time for you all, like some overfed prolapsed Sumos who have double-dipped at the Hometown Buffet dessert table once too often, to belch, break wind, and move on."

Too bad there isn't a levee around Kansas City's 3rd and 5th districts that we can blow. These folks have been sucking the government tit and preying on the rest of the city for far too long!

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meesha.v said...

True, I am sure that person who wrote that is being called racist as we speak.

kc food guy said...

This was written by a woman displaced by Katrina... sent to me in response to this article.

Interesting. I agree with many of his comments. What I find so unfortunate is the fact that they felt it important to protest the City Councils decision to demolish five of the projects around the city. It was later determined that many of the people who protested were from people whose legal residences were from as far away as New York. Personally, I can't imagine why anyone would chose to stay in any of these projects. These housing units claim to fame is stabbings, shootings, murder, rape, battery, home invasions, etc. Anyone in their right mind would be thrilled that they wanted to demolish and rebuild so they could get the criminal element out of their neighborhoods.

The Corp of Engineers knew about the problem long before Katrina and did nothing because of lack of funding. The funding was applied for time and again yet the Federal Government continued to deny the request because of the probability factor. They said that it could happen but odds were that it wouldn't. Katrina proved them wrong. The FEDS have since paid out much more money that they would have had they just provided the funding in the first place. I understand the concept of risk management but in this case, they were wrong.

I have stayed in touch with many people from the area. The majority of them are good people who haven't attempted to sue anyone or to take advantage. I am totally disgusted by all of the people who received help from the Red Cross, FEMA, rental housing or FEMA trailers paid from 6-24 months and all while jobs are plentiful and paying hourly wages at an all time high. Yet, when FEMA cut them off from the free housing they bitched about it saying that they didn't know what they were going to do. I would tell those folks that they should have saved all of the money that they would have spent on rental housing for the 6-25 months, put it in the bank and today they would have a cushion and be better off then they have ever been in their lives. I was especially disgusted by the people who lived on the cruise ships for many months, were waited on hand and foot and yet found a reason to complain.

The French Quarter smells like urine. Not sure why it appeals to so many people but to each his own. I'll get off my soap box.