Celebrating with machine guns

It was like the Middle-East here in the hood last night. It's kind of scary to know that every single person in the hood has a gun. It's even scarier to think that most of these thugs would go outside and fire off several hundred rounds into the air on New Years Eve (the same thing happens on the 4th of July).

Between about 10pm and 2am it was non-stop gunfire around here. I went outside a couple of times to listen and it was amazing. I heard everything from 22 cals. to full auto machine guns. My neighbor was shooting something that sounded like a cannon. It must have been a 44 cal.... or maybe this guy did have a cannon.

You could hear the shots coming from several houses, on every block, for miles. I wonder what kind of resolutions you make for yourself after firing your machine gun into the air on New Years?

I have some suggestions:

1. I will continue to promote blight in and around the area I live.
2. I will do everything in my power to have more babies that I can't and won't provide for.
3. I will hold up the one and only business that stuck it out and tried to make it on my block (even the chicken joints).
4. I will never become a role model for the neighbor kids to look up to.
5. I will have more ammo next New Years Eve.
6. I will refuse to get a snoop jobby job.
7. I will steal personal items and collect government money from those who work for a living.
8. I will hit my switches and collect my bitches.
9. I will roll more in my '64.

In other words..... I will be out to get mines!

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Annie Jones said...

That's pretty funny, in a sad sort of way.

Lots of fireworks in my south suburb, but I didn't hear any gunfire, thankfully.