Spring Quick Bites

It's time for some Spring "Quick Bites". Fun, festive and short or the complete opposite of a visit to Grinders, here are some quick food thoughts:

1) Pizza Bella has a new owner but the same great menu remains. The Beer list is expanding and the pizza seems to have a little more toppings.

2) Cookies and ice cream at McCoy's is an awesome summer treat. If you sit on the deck you can even watch people swill 86 ounce Bud Lights from the new Kelly's rooftop patio.

3) Spring should be the time that places think about adding to or revamping their menus. I'm looking at you Tower Tavern (one of my favorites, but as I've had everything on the menu I need something new).

4) Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill off of 39th Street is my new favorite location. Great food at a great price. And don't forget to check out the super awesome pizza thrower at Da Bronx next door for some post-meal entertainment. Seriously, this guy could compete on The Food Network today with his pizza making skills.

5) Why can't I get good seafood in Midtown without resorting to buying the six-family size portion at Costco. I feel like I'm killing off half of Nemo's fish school when I buy it there. Un-Fresh just doesn't cut it.

6) Why is Conan coming back to TBS of all places? Was his potential deal with Fox that jacked up?

7) The Well in Waldo has pretty good food and the roof top deck is sweet, but why is the beer selection, once so promising, now so boring.

8) Strouds is now at the "K" and I will consume mass amounts of it this summer. If I can stomach watching the team on the field.

9) It's Pizza 51 time. The outdoor seating area and the well priced slices of pie help me to forget the 500 bucks I dropped on that place for car repairs when it was a service station. Sorta...

10) If you are a restaurant in KC and you still don't have a liquor license, get one. If I eat a ham and cheese crepe I'd like a glass of good red wine. You know who you are...

11) Will this post come out looking as good as it looks when I created it or will KC Food Guy have to come back and re-format it?

1 comment:

kc food guy said...

1. Brussel Spouts!

2. Bring back the Chicken Creole Fettuccine!

3. I've been on them about this. I plan to redesign the menu this summer.

4. What you said.

5. Move to Boston.

6. Yawn.

7. Is good beer falling out of fashion?

8. Greasy chicken is meant to be consumed in air conditioned spaces.

9. Some of the best pizza around. Why are they scared to deliver east of Gillham?

10. Love the tasty booze!

11. The formatting is ok, but what's up with the rotten looking Porterhouse?