Please make her/it go away!

I'm talking about Chopped on Food Network. The show's premise is ok, I guess (although a Top Chef ripoff), but the host and judges must go. Ted Allen and Alex Guarnaschelli should start a snobby asshole camp to train under-assholed folks.


Midtown Food Guy said...

I have to disagree. I actually like this show and its basic premise. I agree that the judges are a bit snobby, but it is their job to separate the good chefs from the great ones.

I actually want to do one of these 30 minute meal challenges but I'm afraid someone would give me something like the rattlesnake they had on there and I would poison everyone.

Alex is an asshole though. I'd like someone to evaluate her food but unlike some of the others on the show that judge, she never competes (at least I haven't seen her competing).

Anonymous said...

I agree that this show is a loser. But it beats a lot of the "cake" shows.