The Plaza?

I haven't been to the Plaza for anything in a long time. I'm thinking about going over there for dinner soon. Any suggestions? M&S Grill, Plaza Three, Figlio, Capitol Grill, Hibachi, Fogo de Chao, The Melting Pot, Fiorella's, or maybe Kona?

Maybe some nice PR people could influence my decision on where to eat?


Brent said...

Not Figlio. I ate there for valentines day, I thought I was eating stouffers lasagna. Also Amanda was brought the wrong food and then the brought the right order but cold. I guess it would've been understandable had they been busy but there were only about 10 tables filled.

Midtown Food Guy said...

Not M&S Grill. Way overpriced, bad service and underwhelming food. I would also recommend not going to eat after 9pm unless you like a post meal whiff of pepper spray.

Hibachi is a good bet.

kc food guy said...

No Figlio and no M&S Grill huh? Maybe the restaurants on the plaza will start pepper spray specials?