Please pass the organic salt

The kind folks at Pizza Fusion invited us out for a tasting the other day. Pizza Fusion is all about everything organic, sustained, green, humane, hormone free, recycled and LEED certified. Even their website says that it is "Powered by renewable energy", how in the hell do they pull that off? Read much more than you wanted to know about it here.

These folks are very serious about the "green" scene. To bad they are not as serious about the flavor of their ingredients. We sampled a salad, appetizer, and four pizzas (Pepperoni, Sausage and Tricolor Peppers, Veggie and BBQ Chicken) with three different crusts (Original Organic White Crust, Multigrain Crust, and gluten-free).

Everything we ate was good and very, very fresh. It had a hands-off taste, but it was too hands-off. I was dying for an organic salt shaker. The sauce on the pizza appeared to be simply crushed tomatoes. Don't they make organic garlic or oregano? Organic doesn't have to mean bland, which is, except for the sausage, what I found almost everything to be.

I'm a big fan of meaty, greasy, salty foods but I can also appreciate healthy food with bold flavor. With a few simple, flavor-adding steps Pizza Fusion could be fabulous. All of the crusts were very good and crispy but I really liked the impossibly thin and crisp, gluten-free crust. I also had the best diet soda on earth, Boylan’s All-Natural Soda. This stuff is awesome!

So go get your healthy on but bring a salt shaker or some garlic with you. Check them out on facebook.


m.v. said...

I am pretty sure I've seen their delivery vehicles painted green parked in front of the store. Hope they find their audience.

m + j said...

Ha, thanks for saving us a trip. Maybe once they amp up the flavor a bit more...