You ate where?

I'll admit that our recent "blah" weather has kept our posts at a minimum. It's hard to get excited about local products when the weather outside reminds me of a dreary Michigan summer day. (Not that we are ripping on our friends from the north, but hey, it's Michigan).

It did get me thinking about all of the unusual places I've been to grab a bite. Places that may not normally be associated with fine dining, yet they pack a true meal value with fine nutrition. When I was in the Army I loved eating at places like this. Uncle Sam is good about spending 500 bucks on a hammer, but he's also good at providing low cost food options. The Hospital at Ft. Rucker was the place to be at breakfast. For 3 bucks you could get a made to order omelet, some cheesy grits and a side of bacon with a cold chocolate milk.

On any military post you could head to the DFAC (Dining Facilities Administration Center, or "chow hall") for a great low cost lunch. Sure, this grub was going to be packed with fats and salt, but that's the purpose of food for a soldier. At nights the NCO club or O Club would pair your German beer with some standard, but cheap, pub fare.

Outside of the Army, places like Hospital cafeterias and office building cafeterias also provide quick food options on a budget. So... where are some unusual non-restaurant eating places you've been to?

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