The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So recently I had my first chance to visit Michael Smith's upscale eatery. This place definitely was the "Good" portion of my eating day. With economical lunch time meals, the place was perfect. I had the venison. Don't give me crap about Bambi because this stuff was good. I almost grabbed a gun and headed out to Johnson County to help them deal with their deer over population problem. The other meals had by guests at my meal were equally great. From the scallops to the halibut, the food was spot on. It was also obvious that they didn't dial back the fine dining fare on account of lunch. As Gordon Ramsey would say, "Hey you F*** Face, you are only as good as your last meal you serve." This place gets that.
The Ugly portion came next as we visited the American Royal cattle drive down to the P&L district. I love me some cow, but to see thirty of them penned up on Grand crapping up a storm, it was... well "Ugly". The only satisfaction came in knowing that some 21 year old from Olathe was sure to be lying in that same spot drunk as hell later that night.
The "Bad" portion came with service provided in the P&L district. I ducked into Johnny's Tavern for a beer (they have a pretty good selection with unique items like Moose Drool on draft). There was maybe 8 people in the whole place and one lonely customer at the bar. It was pretty clear by the fact that I was standing at the bar that I was looking for a quick drink to go. Instead, the bartender walked in front of me and said "I'll be back in a minute." She then proceeded to have a conversation with another patron who had just strolled in and then after a few minutes she headed back to the kitchen. She could still be in that kitchen for all I know as I finally headed back out and grabbed a beer from another one of the 20 something places serving a cold one down there.
It was 4 pm on a weekday, not 1 am on Saturday night, so no need to give me the "just wait because I can make you wait" line. In short, I have a memory like an elephant and Johnny's won't get another dime from me after that fiasco. (I know I'm a prick. She could have a valid reason for stiffing me. I don't care. When there are 20 different places to get a simple beer the least they could do is serve me one in a timely fashion).

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