Great Discovery!

Throughout history there have been examples of great discoveries. From that guy Chris Columbus and his stumbling upon America to Afrika Bambaataa's discovery of Rap Music (or was it that DJ Kool Herc guy?), finding that hidden treasure is important. A few months ago I started the search for the perfect cheese plate. Armed with some blog comments from my original cheese post and a yellow hat (just like that great world searcher "the man with the yellow hat" from Curious George) I took to the streets of KC.

I think I finally found it at Extra Virgin (1900 Main Street, KCMO). They offer an awesome array of cheeses that you can actually select yourself. During Happy Hour (M-F 11:30 am - 6 pm) you can get a sampler of four different cheeses for 8 bucks. And I'm not talking about velvetta slices here. From a Spanish Manchego to a Italian Robiola (kind of like a brie with more flavor) the options are plentiful. When you pair the cheeses with their $2.50 bottle beer special during Happy Hour it's .... "Legend"... wait for it..."dary".

After drinking a nice Estrella Galicia with my Spanish Manchego I felt as though I was back in downtown Madrid. For the price and the selection this cheese plate is my choice for KC cheese lovers. And with pony-tail clad Michael Smith himself roaming the kitchen I knew the ingredients would be top notch.

This discovery almost ranks up there with Al Gore's discovery of the internet. Almost.

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kc food guy said...

Shouldn't it be legend.....dairy?