Looking for a Bargain Dinner? Try Lobster

"At a wholesale price of $2.25, the once costly crustacean is a treat for consumers but a crisis for Maine lobstermen."

I'm heading to the market right now to pick some up.

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Mary Crosson said...

Bah. I call shenanigans!

The price quoted in the article is for WHOLE lobsters. The number of one-pound lobsters required to yeild a pound of lobster meat ranges from 5 to 9, depending on the time of year. The actual price for lobster meat, then, ranges from ($2.25 times 5) in winter -- $11.25/lb -- to ($2.25 times 9) in the late summer -- $20.25/lb.

Farmland jumbo franks are 99 cents for a one pound package at Hy-Vee this week. One package holds 10 hot dogs. For $20, you could get 200 hotdogs -- 20 lbs of dogs -- versus 1 pound of lobster meat.