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"Food is our common ground, a universal experience" James Beard.

It's time for me to join the fray and enter the world of reviewing good food and good drink from an average joe perspective. I know, I know. There must be 30 bloggers alone in KC who review places. So what makes me different? Probably nothing. But I know what I like when I see it (and eat it and drink it).

Food and beverages (usually of the adult variety) have become more than just fuel for my body, they have become events in an otherwise often mundane life. Eating out presents an opportunity to spend time with my friends and family in a magical world of unknown surprises (without all of the half horse/half human things that fill other magical worlds like Narnia or something).

In short, I'm going to provide simple reviews of local food joints and local spirits. The rating system will be fairly simple. A-F, just like school. I'll always provide ratings for Atmosphere, Food, Drinks, Service and Overall. Overall may include some intangibles so it may not jive with the other ratings when viewed together.

Most importantly, I realize I'm just one person, who may or may not have had a good experience at that particular establishment. Please don't base your dinner plans on my review alone. I may have ordered something bad or maybe the server had just gotten into a big fight with his manager over his schedule.
Feel free to let me know why my review may have been wrong (or right). If my little contribution to the KC Food Scene helps a business get more business or helps a place realize what some problems may be with their joint, great. If not I'll still get a place to share a little of my passion for food and drinks!

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