It's Back!!!!!!

It's Back. My favorite drinking time of the year. The sun begins to set a little earlier. The trees begin to shed. College Football starts up. And Oktoberfest beers start popping up. The Marzen style beer is simply one of my favorites. To that end I grabbed a keg of Schlafly's Oktoberfest this past weekend. It didn't disappoint. Schlafy's take on this German style is very drinkable and it's modest 5.1% alcohol content makes it perfect for drinking more than one (or more than 6).

While you won't confuse this beer with a fellow St. Louis brewed macro beer (Michelob Ultra) in terms of calories (185 per 12 oz bottle), it does everything just right. Nice red hue... check. Great mouthful without an overpowering aftertaste... check. Affordability... check (usually Gomer's has sixers of Schlafly for only $5.98).

Overall, this brew is a perfect fix for that early fall drinking mood. Now if we could only get the Kansas City Oktoberfest to reverse their decision to suspend operations in 2009, the fall would be "legend"... wait for it... "dary".


Anonymous said...

You just ruined my day.My wife & I look forward to this every year.
Can you suggest another Oktoberfest
around here?

Midtown Food Guy said...

The only other local events I know of are relatively small affairs. The KC Bier Meisters are having an event on September 26 at Wyandotte County Lake. (

I also know that they will have an event at the German Restaurant in Independence (Rhineland) on October 17, but that looks to be more of a dinner event.

If anyone else knows of any other events, please let us know. Prost!