Jay's files bankruptcy

These chips are the best!

Jay's Potato Chips?
A snack-food junkie named Al Capone developed a taste for the chips while betting on the ponies in New York, and asked his supplier to start making them for his speakeasies."

"Word is the Jays Foods potato chip plant on Chicago's South Side is set to close Dec. 5. The brand may survive, under the prospective ownership of Pennsylvania-based Snyder's of Hanover, but I wonder if the chips will remain the same taste wise and symbolically. There was something about eating a Chicago-made potato chip in Chicago that always sat right with me.

What do you think? Should I stick with Jays or switch my allegience to C.J. Vitner Co., maker of Vitner's brand chips? Vitner bills itself as "home of the Chicago style snack," but the plant is in Freeport, about 100 miles northwest of Chicago. At least the company is still headquartered in the city, at 4202 W. 45th St., and family owned."

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Chi-Sue said...

What a shame. Jays has been a Chicago institution forever, along with Vienna, Uno, Gino's, Carson's, etc. That said, what I've noticed recently is that the taste has changed. They advertise no trans fat. Maybe that's the problem. Woried about trans fat? Eat a carrot.