18th and Vine just took another kick in the nuts

It's a sad day for the Vine. They have just lost one of their biggest/only tenants. The Peachtree Restaurant is moving to the Power and Light District. (Thanks Dean)

What is the Jazz District Redevelopment Corp. doing? The answer is very little, if nothing.

Here are the area businesses they list on their website. Wow...3?
-American Jazz Museum
-Negro League Baseball Museum
-Historic Gem Theater

They haven't attracted any tenants since the Peachtree moved down there 5 years ago.


Webjazz said...

It is with great sadness that on this 15th day of December, 2007, my VineRot file grew again. This is the day that the KC Star reported that the Peachtree will be moving from the Vine to the downtown Power and Light District. I do not fault them at all for what is obviously a very sound business decision. I do wish they were staying on the Vine. They were the only place there to get anything to eat.

Harper’s across the street from the Blue Room claims to be opening soon. They claimed that last December too. In fact, the did open last New Year’s Eve and it was a total disaster. Again I hope the very best for them and quick!!

Now, about the Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation (JDRC). What is the deal with them! I mean that in a lot of ways. First, they appear to be an organization charged with building the “Jazz District.” It appears that they have not done so. In fact, it appears that they have done a pretty good job of keeping it from growing. Maybe they are making things in the Vine area go backwards. I don’t believe that because a lot of things in the area have improved. At least they look better and there are more people living in the area’s new housing. As far as making the Jazz District a “destination place,” those who claim to be in charge of that are failing and have been for well over 10 years!

I want to make myself perfectly clear on this: I am NOT talking about the American Jazz Museum or the GEM Theater or the Negro Leagues Museum. All three of those are doing better than ever. They need to grow, they know that and they are doing it to the benefit of all Kansas City. None of these are part of or controlled by the JDRC.

What’s the deal with JDRC: Who are they and who do they answer to? I want names and reasons why they are part of this organization! How do they get on this Board? What are their qualifications? Where do they get their funding? Is any City tax money going to them?

Here is a little about what I have discovered just by reading their “About” web page.

“The goal of the Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation (JDRC) is to develop the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District into a premier destination place where restaurants, retail services and cultural entertainment merge for a memorable experience for all who live, work and visit the District.”

Score on this has to be near ZERO!

“Jazz District Vision
The implementation of retail and/or service facilities, job opportunities and neighborhood involvement will rejuvenate the District in a manner that benefits the total community. This blending of "memories and amenities" will develop our area into one of the finest entertainment districts in the country.”

Again, nearly ZERO!

Then . . .
“Jazz District Plan
Jazz District Renaissance Corporation (Renaissance) is a Section 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation operated exclusively for charitable purposes including:

1. To combat community deterioration in the six-block area bounded by the Paseo to Woodland and 17th Terrace to 19th Street (the Jazz District), and in the area contiguous to the Jazz District.
2. To promote social welfare by lessening neighborhood tensions, eliminating prejudice and discrimination, and defending human and civil rights.
3. To acquire and hold stock of Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation (JDRC), Renaissance is rehabilitating the Jazz District. In May 2000, the Jazz District Commercial LLC was formed to manage and oversee all commercial development in the Jazz District. JDRC is the sole member of Jazz District Commercial LLC (Commercial).”

Will the REAL JDRC please stand up! What are we talking about:
a. Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation, or
b. Jazz District Renaissance Corporation

Now we know that there are 2 (TWO) JDRCs. Who makes up the other one? Is it the same people? Are the goals of each the same? NO! Do the goals of each compliment each other? That probably depends upon the details of these goals if you were to read an in depth plan. I doubt that they do based on the way they read. However, based on over 10 years of collecting VineRot materials, they probably do.

When I read the goals of the Redevelopment JDRC, I like them and view them as very positive, even though they are still not to first base after over 10 years. When I read the goals of the “Renaissance “ version of the JDRC, I am totally turned off by some of the wording. Why the hell did they use the word, “COMBAT” in their #1 goal? And in the 2nd goal, why are they going to “promote social welfare?” Again, a VERY POOR choice of words.

For the sake of Kansas City jazz, few people want this area to thrive more than I do. That’s for the whole city wide jazz community. I will totally support Bob Kendrick and Greg Carroll. They are busting their asterisks to run world class operations and they are making good progress. Too bad they have to live with the JDRC jerk’s results and have virtually no say in what they do or how they do it.

I fully suspect that the two JDRCs are KCMO funded, at least in part. It’s time for that to stop! Cut them off! Fire them! Replace them with known proven business leaders who have a track record of getting things done on time and within budget. Rewrite the goals and let us see some tangible results! NOW!

kc food guy said...

Damn Webjazz....... that was beautiful!