Corinthian Hall to close Jan. 7 for renovations and won’t reopen until at least 2010

Did you even know that Kansas City had a museum? Well we do.... sort of. This place is a joke and it has been for decades. The last time I visited the museum was last winter... it was horrible. As an historic house it is pretty damn cool. But as a museum bearing the city's name it is embarrassing.

I've always contended that Union Station is the obvious place to house the Kansas City Museum. I'm all for restoring this wonderful house but let's get the museum out of there.

The museum's website is even hosted on Union Station's site. WTF? It just seems obvious the museum should be moved into the building. KC seems to screw up everything.

"The city-owned structure, called Corinthian Hall, and the carriage house behind it will get new windows and doors and be cleared of lead paint and asbestos. Then next year officials hope to install a new climate-control system in the 1910 buildings so they can professionally exhibit objects in the museum collection."

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