What is your favorite chain restaurant that no longer exists?

View the answers here. My favorite chain restaurant that no longer exists in K.C. is Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips.


Annie Jones said...

I can think of a lot, especially local chains:

Smak's, Putsch's Old Place in Blue Ridge Mall(Does that qualify as a chain? They had other eateries.),
Dog -n- Suds, Jack in the Box, Furr's Cafeteria.

But the one I miss most is probably Annie's Santa Fe.

kc food guy said...

Wow. Smak's! Good one. I thought of another one, "Waji's" When I was young there was one over off 18th/Roe & 55th in Johnson County.

Annie Jones said...

Also, Griff's burgers.

I don't remember Waji's. What kind of food did they serve?

kc food guy said...

It was just burgers and fries as I remember. I guess it really wasn't a chain since I only remember one of them.