I was busy last night

Damn, I'm tired. Last night was laundry night. I put my clothes in the washer at my neighborhood laundromat. Then I went a couple blocks west to the Thai Place for a beer. While I was there I was lucky enough to encounter Chu Jit, my favorite local Chef. We talked for a while, mainly about the girlfriend I no longer have. Then back to the laundromat to put my clothes in the dryer. While they were drying I went a couple blocks south to meet my folks at Jardines. Carol Comer was playing. She was a very odd yet entertaining old woman. Mike Metheny interviewed her in '94, you can find the transcript here. Back to the laundromat to fold my clothes. After folding my clothes I headed downtown to Anthony's to meet my Mom and Dean for dinner.

What can I say, Anthony's is cool. As my mom pointed out, it was odd being there without one Spino in the place. The folks had the catfish which I'm sure was great. Anthony's has some of the best catfish in town. I had the scampi. It was a little tart from too much lemon. I also had a side of anglehair OBG (oil, butter and garlic). After asking the waiter to make sure it came out al dente, of course it came out over-cooked. Anyway, Anthony's is more about the place than it is about the food.

For a nightcap I stopped by the Bulldog to catch a couple of tunes from Vince Cook. If you haven't experienced Vince you should. A true character, we chatted for a while, it was nice to see him again. It was a busy night. I'm tired today.

Tonight is Friday Night Fun League on the disc golf course. Tomorrow I bartend all night and Sunday I'm going to the Chiefs game. Busy weekend again.

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Chi-Town-Sue said...

Your comments about dinner at Anthony's is right on, but consider lunch. Luncheon fare is far superior. Had the chicken livers at dinner. They were terrible. Tried them again at lunch, and they were some of the best in the city. They have many specials, reasonably priced, and very good.
Try it - You'll like it.