Councilwoman Sharon Sanders Brooks needs to zip it

The 3rd district is doing more to hurt itself than help itself.... again.
Love this comment!
"Sharon Sanders Brooks shows the same amount of class and maturity as her predecessors, Sandra McFadden Weaver and Carol Coe."

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Webjazz said...

Geez!! She questioned his involvement before the election. There probably wasn't much. But, I can tell you that he is VERY supportive of jazz and the district and I have that FIRST HAND!

She seems to want to exclude him because he never did anything for The Vine before his election and because he is admittedly not a real jazz fan.

I doubt that a City Auditor had much reason to do anything on the Vine before then as a professional. I'm sure he counted their beans but didn't need to be on site to do that.

As far as not being a jazz fan, it just wasn't part of his culture growing up.

While she would like to exclude him, I plan on beating him to death with jazz until he loves it! If you are going to be Mayor of Kansas City, you gotta love jazz and not the way Cleaver did. His favorite jazz station was 106.5 Smooth Jazz (rot).

Funk is KOOL and we need him to feel like he is part of the jazz community and I think he is trying to do so.

The article said that Cleaver and Barnes were also invited. I hope to God that they invited former Mayor Berkley who REALLY started the revival of jazz back in the mid 80s.

If she keeps this up, she will for sure make my annual (December issue) Jam Magazine Hot Licks Roast and Toast.

A good word for her: She was fully supportive of the newly reviced city ordnance to allow the Mutual Musician's Foundation to obtain the ONLY 6:00 a.m. booze license in the State of Missouri. GOOD FOR HER!

(Score for December's R&T 1 to 1.)