Stroud's south.... the wait is back!

Yes, Stroud's south is back, and so is the wait. I have several friends that tend bar at the new location and they say the crowds are unbelievable.

On any given day there are at least 20 people (sometimes many more) waiting to get in when they open at 11am. There is a two hour wait to get seated all day, everyday. And get this....... they had to do away with any carry-out because they were overwhelmed by the amount of orders. If you ordered carry-out at 3pm on the day they opened, it was ready at 8pm.

Go and gets ya some chicken!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's time for Stroud's to open a "Stroud's Carry Out" facility next door! Several around town would put KFC, Popeye's, & Chruch's in their place.

meesha.v said...

there is no food worth 2 hr. wait. even Strouds.