Cold day at the "K"

The home-opener was a blast, a cold blast, but still a blast. As a bonus.... WE WON!

While there, Jimmy and I met some cool young ladies. They have a local marketing and promotions company called Better Ideas. Visit their site and buy something from them.

I am going to buy 2,312 of these chef's hat stress balls!


Angie said...

You rock Scott & Jimmy! We had so much fun & were happy to meet you to!!! We'll have to do it again real soon!! Angie

kc food guy said...

Thanks Angie, you guys rock too. When should we get together?

angie said...

As soon as humanly possible! Jeez!? Am I late for this reply or what? You are certainly allowed to tell me that I suck big green donkey...bacon bits! (I'm new to blogs, so I didn't know I needed to go back & check for replies.) I was thinking about you & Jim & have been reading & reading & getting all caught up on your blog when I said to myself, "how long has it been?" Then, as I'm sure you have deduced, I stumbled upon your reply! Man do I suck! I'm going to email you immediately & beg your forgiveness!