Why women can't cook? Someone's gunna get it!

Why Women Can't Cook - by a very brave Husband

The truth is I have never met a woman I thought could out-cook me either. Except, of course, you Mom. :)

The Husband:

"The first is that women are less inclined to experiment. Good cooks are those who take risks, who wonder whether X goes well with Y, or perhaps even with Q. If it fails, it doesn't matter, you can always start again.

Women are more afraid of failure, perhaps because they are wary of all that nasty male criticism, so it does them well to stick to well-trodden recipes."

The Wife:

"While Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay et al have undoubtedly done us a service in getting men off the sofa and into aprons, I don't think I'm alone in thinking the revolution has gone too far. Several of my female friends complain that their men have turned into Kitchen Nazis who won't let them so much as boil an egg without bustling in and taking over."

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