Stroud's last night

Last night I went up to Stroud's north to meet the folks for dinner. On the way up there I stopped by Cascone's for a drink with my buddy Burns. I had Stroud's chicken for a change. Man was it good. That gravy is like a drug.

Then it was off to the Tower Tavern for Tuesday Night Tallboy Trivia. My neighbor Christa met me up there. We didn't do very well.

Effective December 1st, 2007 Stroud's will become a non-smoking establishment. November 30th we will be holding a "smoke-out" in the bar. Bring your hooka full of tabacco and join the cause.

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Chi-Town-Sue said...

Yep, and if they're lucky we'll even invite non smokers. It's party time! Now to decide if it will still be our Tuesday night hang out. I will miss Bill, Joe, John, Mike and the girls. Maybe we'll go for a few drinks and a to-go order. Don't know yet.