Gin for the win!

You know I loves my Gin. This stuff looks awesome. Citadelle Gin.

"The unique flavor profile is the result of 19 botanicals sourced from around the world, ranging from Sri Lankan cinnamon to almonds and lemon rind from Spain, Grains of Paradise from West Africa and Moroccan coriander to licorice from China. But this heady mix is only introduced after the fourth intensive distilling process—which involves heating whole grain wheat from the Beauce region (the same used to make classic French bread) over a naked flame, and brewing with natural spring water to create the neutral spirit."


Midtown Food Guy said...

You know that you would still mix it with 7-up or something and it would taste no different to you than a handle of XXX Gin from Gomers. That's why I drink my whiskey on the rocks and my beer without lemons.

kc food guy said...

Obviously you know nothing about booze, and you are half retarded.

Just stick to your requisite 2 draws of Ranger and leave the boozing to the rest of us.

Whiskey? What? I've never witnessed it.