Get your fail on

Since the boom of food television some folks think it is glamorous to be a chef. This is correct if you relate glamor to being over-worked, under-paid, hot, greasy and generally anonymous.

Are you looking for a school that teaches the cooking stuff? Here is a terrific website to help you on your way to failure.
I hear the kids out at JOCO are making some noise in the field. It's not listed yet, but I bet it will be soon. I'll let Cindy know about them. Oh.... wait... I just did.

Here is what Bourdain has to say about getting started in the field of cooking stuff for people. You know, being a cookerperson. This article is taken from his new book Medium Raw you gotta read it.

"I am frequently asked by aspiring chefs, dreamers young and old, attracted by the lure of slowly melting shallots and caramelizing pork belly, or delusions of Food Network stardom, if they should go to culinary school. I usually give a long, thoughtful, and qualified answer.
But the short answer is “no.”"  -Anthony Bourdain

I hope you are now even further inspired to prove everyone wrong. Now get over here and get your cook on!

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Aaron said...

After seeing many friends attempt the restaurant business and the absolute pure stress i've seen chef's go through i would have to agree. It really just comes down to the love of food and hearing the mmmmm's. Making money is usually an afterthought and purely coincidental.