Yes, your menu is tired

BA Foodist points out the 5 most played out restaurant dishes. I can think of a dozen dishes that could be added to this list. Kansas City, especially, seems stuck in a culinary time-warp of copycat dishes. Do chefs in KC dumb down their menus to suit the pallets of their patrons or do they lack creativity? Both I think.

"If imitation is the best form of flattery, then there's a whole lot of flattery going on in Kansas City restaurants."

What other menu items need to be retired?


Anonymous said...

I don't mind hot wings because everyone can have their own style. In fact, KC has a lot of good hot wings: Tanners, Fuel, Czar, and Jefferson's and Jack's in Lawrence all have excellent hot wings.

But yeah, the other appetizers are the same old, same old stuff. When it's like that, it comes down to who has the cheapest and the win my $.

Midtown Food Guy said...

I would add the following overplayed dishes: Brushetta, lobster bisque (there's never any lobster in the local attempts), and deviled eggs (everyone has then on the menu now).

I know it's on every menu, but please don't get rid of my beloved cheese plates.